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Prototype – a fantastic JavaScript Framework, simplifies Ajax coding

Prototype - a fantastic JavaScript Framework, simplifies Ajax codingWhat is Prototype? Prototype is a JavaScript framework that simplifies AJAX coding and extends the DOM structure. Prototype comes with several short-cut coding methods and modules to allow you to shorten your AJAX coding and it’s browser-safe. Prototype is now available with the latest version, 1.6 for download.

To start using Prototype in your web apps, it’s easy, just download the prototype.js file and include it in any JavaScript tag pairs shown as follows then you can start using the simplified coding in AJAX offered by Prototype.

<script src=”prototype.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

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Welcome to is a blog about the fun in web development, which we will continously feed you with the latest technologies in web development such as AJAX, generic JavaScript, DHTML, CSS. And we also include tutorial and custom coding on topics that cover PHP, JSP, RDBMs such as MySQL and Oracle and even Open source operating system such as Ubuntu and Fedora. will be a blog that gets updated once we have interesting topics on tutorial and tips on the above-mentioned technologies. We’ll strike to write good tutorial that center around AJAX/PHP/JSP and other web development programming that is based on open source technique.