Canvas2Image – converts what you draw on WHATWG canvas to downloadable images on the fly

Here comes a small JavaScript library, Canvas2Image that you could include on your web page, and it allows those lines and boxes that you draw on a WHATWG canvas (made using new HTML <canvas></canvas> tag pair) to be converted into images on the fly for download.

If you’re new to WHATWG canvas, it’s just a new HTML element which is done using the <canvas></canvas> tag pair within your web page, and only the Gecko 1.8 browsers support it such as Firefox version is 1.5 and above. And the WHATWG canvas is part of the specs in HTML 5.

To start with a canvas on your web page, you could just put the following code

<canvas id=”tut” width=”150″ height=”150″></canvas>

Pretty similar to the IMG tag but the canvas needn’t you to specify the SRC. Find out more here about how to do a canvas

The Canvas2Image library as described above giving you options to download or convert what you’ve drawn on a WHATWG canvas into images for download. The WHATWG canvas allows you to use JavaScript to draw all sorts of cool graphics on the browser side and the Canvas2Image library saves you your time to further code in complex Javascript, which you can just include this library on your web page, the canvas that has been drawn with lines and images etc will be available for download as couple of image formats such as BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF etc.

Find out more about Canvas2Image JavaScript library here, I’ll include a more detailed example on how to start with a canvas on a web page and how to use the Canvas2Image, when I get little free later.

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