Spring WebFlow 2.0 now includes JavaScript module

Many of you might have known Spring as a J2EE framework that simplifies J2EE development by introducing the MVC (Model View Control) development methodology in J2EE.

Now, Spring has expanded its framework, has included a version for the support for ease of development in the MVC pattern on browser or client side, which is a JavaScript model. The Spring WebFlow 2.0 has been introduced which includes a Spring JavaScript module. An example is included below which shows an onClick wrapper calling an Ajax event.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
  Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.AjaxEventDecoration({
    elementId: “prevResultsLink”,
    event: “onclick”,
    params: { fragments: “body” }

Spring JS module abstracts on top of other JavaScript libraries (this release supports Dojo, but more can come), and aims to make certain tasks very easy to do. There will be some emphasis of the use cases, such as form validation. The library could be used stand alone, but of course there is nice integration with the server side Spring frameworks too. This allows you to annotate in Java, and get nice Ajax behaviour on the client.

Spring WebFlow 2.0

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