Google Chrome – A browser made by Google

Google Chrome is a new browser developed by Google and released under open source license. And Google Chrome has just been released today.

Various questions have surfaced such as whether this new Chrome Browser can kill those already famous such as IE, Mozilla Firefox etc. It seems to say that the Chrome is meant for browsing applications instead of browsing web pages only.

I’m now downloading a copy of the Chrome and in the process of installation. In a few minutes, I shall be able to tell you how the Chrome works.

Google Chrome has only a small little chunk of software that you need to download from Google Chrome website. During the installation, it’ll then proceed to download some more other components from Google again.

Voila! After about a minute now, I’ve got Google Chrome up and running, loot at the screen attached above. It’s definitely different from other browsers but it did import those of my bookmarks, cookies from Internet Explorer (which is the default browser)during the installation. And Chrome has a unique area which shows you most visisted websites.

Lets do some tests on ajax support by having a search on the AskAlexia ajax search engine for the words Google Chrome. Yes, it works fine for ajax. Of course, since Google is loaded with tons of apps built using AJAX technology. The basic requirement of their first browser must support what they have.

Testing Chrome on the E-desa portal, which is a project of myself that is under development phase, it works fine on the homepage which widgets can be dragged and dropped freely.

Tabbing and sliding features rely on JavaScript all work well on the E-desa portal. But unfortunately, the openWYSIWYG editor used in the content authoring section of a member fails to work with Google Chrome. It says openWYSIWYG doesn’t support Google Chrome. (openWYSIWYG has been tested to work well with IE, Firefox and Opera.)

ReadWriteWeb has more thorough test on the Chrome, which they say on static content testing, Chrome clocks 77.28 ms per page load, whereas IE needs 220.64 ms per page load. So Chrome outruns IE! (Why IE? Why not test it with Firefox??)

Download Google Chrome here and test it yourself!

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