Google launches Video for business aka YouTube for the enterprise

Google Video for Business
A few months ago, a co-worker from a partner company was asking me how to setup a portal for the company to let those employees to upload their captured video files on those construction sites, to be shared on this portal for other employees to view.

Of course, my answer is to be secured and you can build your own. Of course, my answer was it’d involve complex coding such as building a PHP backend which allows the conversion of an uploaded video in any formats such as AVI, MPEG4 etc to be automatically converted into FLASH format which has the .FLV extension.

And some more if you intend to host this your-own-built video uploading and sharing app on a Linux platform, you’ll have to be involved into complex configuration of getting the ffmpeg to work on a Linux web server, which can then be called by the PHP for converting the uploaded video files.

If you are not so technical, getting those codes in PHP and setup of ffmpeg sounds too hard for you to get it done, but you wanna have highly secured sharing of video uploading and sharing sites, Google now has the answer for you.

Google now is launching the Google Video for Business, which will be a new app bundled into the Google apps office suite that enables workers to upload and share videos inside their organizations. Videos can be shared by individual, group and company-wide basis.

For those companies who’re involved in lots of capturing videos from the sites, lets say construction firms, and their workers are always traveling outstations, whenever they’ve captured a video, they can then upload to Google Video for Business, which can then be viewed instantly by colleagues located at other district offices.

Google makes the Video for Business as part of Google Apps Premier Edition at no additional cost. If you’re an existing Google Apps user you just pay the usual price of $50 per year per user. But you aren’t, you can sign up for a Google App Premier account. Each Google Apps Premier Edition domain gets 3GB of Video storage per user account, with a file limit of 300 MB per video. Other than the Google Video for Business, you get lots of other useful apps such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites and Start Page.

Google Video for Business has lots of YouTube aspects such as you’re allowed to upload videos, add descriptions and tags, share videos with the click of a button, and embed them in Google Sites and other internal webpages. You can also embed video as widgets or gadgets on sites that accept these widgets e.g Google Spreadsheets. These widgets maintain the same security which only allows authorized users to view the embedded video only.

Other features borrowed from YouTube include search (but allows users to search those videos which they’re granted permission of access only), ability to view high-quality video, ratings, comments and additional tags, ability to download videos for viewing offline or on portable devices.

In short, Google Video for business is just a YouTube built with extra security features which allow only the authorized groups or users to access the videos. If your company needs quick video upload and shared viewing by workers taken from those work sites, Google video for business will be your choice instead of getting involved with heavy technical development and maintaining your own site which costs more resources for maintaining the security and storage etc.

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