Ask Alexia – the ajax search engine

I’ve developed great passion in developing applications in ajax since it was introduced a couple of years ago. And of course over the Internet now, they’ve been tons of ajax-based applications. And the only ajax app that I’ve got online is my own-developed Ask Alexia search engine

AskAlexia ajax search has now put up with a new version but still in its BETA. The latest AskAlexia search engine is different from the previous one. But it still maintains more or less usability. Now on AskAlexia, you get 6 searches which are web, image, video, news, blog and music.

And each search is associated with their own preference setting which is at the reach by users on the search page itself without needing to get to another page for such a setting. For example, web search allows you to set your own preferred language, show 18sx content (which I now deem this is a feature too easy to mislead people to use it for adult content search, I might think of an extra prompt for this)

The old version of AskAlexia was accessible directly from the homepage itself, which had only three searches, web, image and video. But now the homepage has been converted as a blog for my lovely wife to write some blog posts about some celebrity stuff and gadgets that she’s stumbled upon. Anyway, there is also a search bar that connects you to various searches on AskAlexia ajax search on the homepage of

I wish to devote more time into askalexia ajax search, but since I’m an overly busy geek with several projects, it’ll take some times for each of the item in the todo list to get done. The followings are some in my to-do for ajax search.

1. To show search results with pagination, as the current shows only buttons to proceed for next and to go back to previous.

2. To include the top searches (this was in the old version) and the most recently searched keywords by users on the side bar for each search.

3. Offer capability of digging query from a few major search engines and other directories at the simple button clicks on the same page, the next few to be included on web search are Google, MSN and WiKipedia (It’s now digging from Yahoo). And image search will include digging from Flickr and other online image sharing resources. And video will include YouTube, Metacafe etc.

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