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Somehow it’s kind of time consuming to create a web form. Of course, if you’re pretty familiar with HTML coding like me, it wouldn’t be a problem. Just start typing those HTML tags <table></table><form></form><input type=…/><select>, adding some JavaScript codes and CSS to blend it up nice with verification and themes, shall do.

If you hate typing those complex HTML and JavaScript codes which are needed for creating a form, you can now make use of, which is an online service that presents you with drag and drop and WYSIWYG form editor to create your web forms online by having a couple of simple clicks.

At, firstly, you need to get an account. After you’ve sined up then login to your account. You can start using the various tools to start creating a web form there. Once you’re done, you can download all the codes, including the HTML page, the JavaScript code and also all the CSS that have been created.

Using FormBuilder of allows you to easily choose your preferred theme for the web form that you’re gonna create. And if you’re creating a form which is to accept online payment, you can easily integrate it with various online payment gateways such as PayPal, WorldPay, Google Checkout, ClickBank etc. I shall come back later to write a more thorough review about later. Website:

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