Ajax, DHTML, CSS apps development tools to come to mobile phones

It’s definitely exciting to know that mobile phone applications can be developed using the languages that an Ajax or Javascript developer has been familiar with. The mobile phone industry has been having a number of makers starting creating OSes or platform that allows the development of mobile applications using DHTML, JavaScript, CSS and Ajax etc.

One of the move to this development platform can earlier be seen on the Palm Pre that got announced earlier in CES 2009 and the WebOS that the Palm Pre runs is a platform that allows AJAX web app developers to kick start mobile applications development using the languages that they have already been familiar with.

We believe some other makers are moving into this trend, eventually JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, CSS will be the dominant languages for application developments, including desktop and mobile gadgets. The next upcoming mobile phone platform will likely be Nokia, the leader in the mobile phone market at this moment, and they’re likely to get a development tool that allows DHTML, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS to be used on the Nokia’s OS for developing great applications. The tool will allow the use of JS APIs to tap into native phone capabilities such as 3G, GPS, etc.

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