CSS to inline styles converter

The previous post I’ve written about that GMail strips CSS (included in <style></style> or included as external CSS) in an HTML-based email. In order to have GMail to display an HTML-based email properly without losing the original CSS formatting, you’ll have to convert the CSS used in the web page or HTML-based email into inline styles.

If you have a couple of well-designed web pages that you want them to be used as an e-newsletter to be sent to others as HTML-based emails, and all these web pages have been designed to use either external CSS or CSS included within <style></style>, then it’ll be NO easy task to convert page by page for the mentioned purpose.

If you wanna ease your job, here comes a handy CSS to inline style conversion tool, which converts any CSS in a web page into inline styles on the fly. So, you do not have to touch the CSS that has already been included in the web pages, the tool will convert for you on the fly, and the converted result can then be used to send as HTML-based emails, which can then be displayed without losing any CSS formatting on any web-based email clients, including GMail. Find out more at Vivwebsolutions for the mentioned CSS to inline converter. Thanks Adam!

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