How to recover deleted files emptied from the Recycle bin

I know it’s a disaster, when you’ve mistakenly deleted some important files or documents and you’ve mistakenly emptied the recycle bin of your Windows again. If you’ve done both, in your mind those files must have been completely gone, there is no way for you to have the files back in Windows, it’s just like a complete disaster to you now.

But it is not. There is a great software tool that can help you recover those files that you’ve deleted and emptied from the Recycle bin. It’s not end of the world, even though you’ve emptied the recycle bin. It’s very easy to recover those deleted files which have been emptied from recycle bin using a software tool called Recuva.

Recuva is pronounced as recover, it’s a file recovery god and very easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded Recuva and install on your computer, you just need to launch it. Lets look at how the steps below how you can recover those files you’ve emptied from the recycle bin.

1. Once you’ve launched Recuva, you’ll be guided by a wizard asking you to click next, and the second screen will show you the type of files that you wanna recover, such as pictures, videos,documents (as shown below). If you aren’t sure, just click on “other” so it’ll show you all types of files that have been deleted and emptied from recycle bin.


2. On the third screen or step, Recuva will ask you where were those files before they were deleted? In this case, you choose the option 4, which is “In the recycle bin”, as you wish to recover those mistakenly emptied files from recycle bin, as shown below.


3. Then Recuva will be ready to scan those deleted or emptied files and show you a list of files that have been emptied from the recover, so you can pick and recover those you want!


4. Tick those you wanna recover, click the “recover” button at the right bottom corner, and Recuva will prompt you for where you wanna recover those selected files to. After doing so, your files will be recovered to the selected folder! Now your files are back, you don’t have to burn your midnight oil to redo all of them again!


Recuva can be downloaded from, it’s free!

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