Google AdSense : Useful tools, tips and resources

If you’re one of the webmasters or bloggers having a couple of your websites or blogs pulling lots of traffic from the Google search engine and others, you shall already know what Google AdSense is. And of course, you shall be showing AdSense ads on your popular websites or blogs and making lots of Google Money!

If you’ve been making a lucrative or significant income from AdSense, you shall be very excited to keep logging into your AdSense account to get to know how much you’re making each day. Some may login more often, if their AdSense could bring in a very significant amount per hour e.g an average of $50 per hour, or $1,000 per day.

SmashingMagazine has published a number of useful tools, tips and resources, and I’ve found a couple of them are very interesting and useful for some big earners of AdSense, and even some tips and books that can be the great references for beginners. I’ve picked up a few here for the big earners.

1. iPhone AdSense statistic app – If you’re a big earner of AdSense, and you’re so eager to know your AdSense income at every hour, and Apple iPhone is the most ubiquitous for you, you can now use this iPhone AdSense stat app to track your AdSense earning on your iPhone.

2. Real-time AdSense earning checking tool If you’re always on your computer, you can download this tool, for real-time monitoring your AdSense income. But seriously, I don’t feel secure with this tool as it needs you to provide your AdSense account username and password. Who knows the tool might leak your username or password that might lead to getting your AdSense account sabotaged! If you insist you wanna have a try, and you’re extremely passionate with your AdSense income in minutes or hours, you can download the tool here. Use it at your own risk.

3. Google AdSense Sandbox – Lets you type in the URL of a website or keywords, and choose a country, so you’ll know what the latest contextual ads for the visitors coming from the selected country. It works across many web browsers, unlike the Official Adsense Preview Tool add-on that works only with IE browser. Google AdSense Sandbox

4. SpyFuSpyFu allows you to look up a website and check out how much it’s spending on AdSense per day. This might be useful, once you’ve learned the daily budget, you can then choose to whether you wanna screen out or accept certain Advertisers in your AdSense account. (In your account, AdSense Setup -> Competitive Ad filter and Ad Review Center allows you to filter out unwanted sites (perhaps those with low budget) or to reject certain advertisers with low daily budget, where you may be able to squeeze for better budget advertisers only to increase your AdSense income. But this may have side effect, so do at your own risk and I hope you know what you’re doing!

There are more tools, tips and resources on AdSense on the post on SmashingMagazine, there should be quite a number of them very useful to boost your AdSense income, provided you know how to make use of them!

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