Google Chrome remains as the most secure brower to date, stands the first-day test of Pwn2Own

A number of security experts gathered at the contest at CanSecWest, and they’ve performed several stringent security tests at the Pwn2Own competition, on the most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and also Google Chrome. The first three (IE, Firefox, Safari) all went down, caught with bugs and security exploits. And only Google Chrome now has passed through to the second day of the test.

The security experts will be awarded with hardware and cash prizes. The web browsers were first installed fresh without Java or Flash add-ons, which are deemed to be commonly used as vectors for attacks. Charlie Miller managed to gun down Safari on Mac OS X in just a matter of seconds. Perhaps Safari is the fastest web browser ever, which I like its fast response, but it’s been deemed by those security experts as the easiest to hack. All the three popular browsers, IE, Firefox and Safari were also brought down by another contestant, Nils, but he took longer time for doing so. All these three browsers have been found having security bugs.

Google Chrome has been spotted with a security bug as well, but it has been unable to be exploited it because the browser’s sandboxing feature and the operating system’s security measures together pose a formidable challenge. Although Chrome has survived and passed through to the second day, but the experts will then focus on Chrome on the second day, trying to find any possible exploits. But to date, you can say Chrome is the most secure browser, as it’s the only one that passed through to the second day, while the rest such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox all were gunned down on the first day. source

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