Face.com brings Face Recognition capability to match/discover your photos on Facebook

Facebook have tons of photos uploaded by the members and the friends everyday. So there are lots of photos scattered around and many of them are NOT tagged and linked to the members themselves. Lets say, your friend has uploaded one photo that has you in it, but it’s not properly tagged, so the photo will not appear in your profile or you’re totally unaware of that it exists in Facebook.

Now Face.com is planning to bring their facial recognition capability into Facebook. The Face.com’s application is a “Photo Finder” that employs the facial recognition technology, so members can easily locate untagged photos of themselves and also their friends.

Once the app installed, it’ll start scanning you and your friends’ photo albums, which will take some time to complete and then show you a screen to display those photos were “auto-tagged”. From that on, you can either accept, decline or identify the correct individual themselves. Only the person who uploaded the photo and the person tagged have the veto power to alter or decline a tag.

With the photo finder from Face.com, users are not limited to your own photo collection. Users can search manually for photos of friends or browse for recently tagged ones. Users can also track specific users by flagging them for the “Watch List”. Photo Finder will prompt hits via Facebook’s ‘Notification’ window.

Facial recognition technology is now taking off, it should be a very useful to be incorporated into many photo sharing services, some of them they’re having such technology are Apple’s iPhoto and Google’s Picasa, but they’re only limited to searching your personal collection of photos.

via TechCrunch

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