Convert documents into flash, a web-viewable format

One of my projects is studying on how to convert any documents in Word, Excel or Powerpoint formats into FLASH format which is viewable by most browsers with flash plugin.

The idea is when a user is presented with an upload form, and then uploads the file (such as Word, Excel, PPT). When the file reaches the server side, it’ll be automatically converted into flash (.SWF) format. Which can then be embedded in a web page using the <object></object> or <embed></embed> tag pair.

The current available flash converters are Flashpaper from Adobe and Print2Flash. But these two components run on Windows platform, which can convert documents into flash format when the documents is being printed and the user chooses to print to “FLASH” etc.

I’m currently looking into the possibility that if any one of these support command line call to convert a PDF, Doc, excel or PPT file into a FLASH (.swf) file. So, it can then be implemented using Java or PHP at the backend to call the commands to convert those uploaded files. It can be scheduled in a Java timer for the conversion etc. The Print2Flash offers a server-side version that comes with the batch-processing option but costs about $500. But I prefer Flashpaper, but still searching the possibility of doing that. How about FlashPaper API?

Update: Two solutions have been found while googling around for “Flashpaper command line”.They are ANT and VBscript

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