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I’ve started a new blog, Have Your Business Online, which is a blog that centers around web hosting services, reviews, e-commerce and CMS solutions or the essential tools that you need to bring your business online.

HaveYourBusinessOnline.com will first center around the basic knowledge required for bringing your business online. This blog will never be too technical, it’ll mostly focus on analyzing or reviewing the web hosting service providers all over the world wide web, including getting into details such as PHP, ASP, JSP, CFM web hosting solutions etc. And also I’ll cover some CMS solutions, where WordPress will also be covered as it’s one of the essentials by using blog to promote your business online. And eventually will contain some WordPress hacking or some PHP coding that you may need to apply some SEO techniques to your websites or blogs.

HaveYourBusinessOnline.com will start with everything very basic. I’ll try to keep my article as simple as possible even making it understandable by a layman, such as you’ll find article that starts at very basic e.g about what is web hosting? And of course, along the way I’ll always come back to refine certain wordings on the past articles and link articles to one another, making it easier for anyone who wanna bring their business online to learn.

Eventually, HaveYourBusinessOnline.com will become one of the resources that contains the essentials and easily understandable information for one need to know for bringing their business online and making profit from it. Hope to get your support!

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