How to develop desktop-like web applications ?

Uki is a JavaScript library that allows you to develop web applications to have the look and feel and interactiveness of a desktop application. You can get Uki from

To use Uki, it’s easy. You just need to include the uki.js within the JavaScript tag pairs in the header or body of your web page. And refer to the Uki API doc what you can do for it. A very simple example below showing a button built using Uki.

1. Include the uki.js
<script src=”uki.js”></script>

2. Add a button with the DOM ID called “my_button” for example. And attach the following javascript code somewhere within the header or the body of your web page. And add the proper call-back function of button click.

view: “Button”, text: “Hello world!”,
rect: “120 80 180 24″
}).attachTo( document.getElementById(“my_button”) );

function() { alert(this.text()); }

You can create more fancy stuff such as slider, list, split pane as you used to be able to get from desktop only. Uki has been tested working on browsers including IE6+, Opera 9+, FF 2+, Safari 3+, Chrome. And the best is it looks all the same across all the mentioned browsers. Yeah look at how the Uki used to build Google Wave Interface Replica in just 100 lines of code. Hope to have time to show you an example of our own later!

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