Use Google History to keep track of what you’ve searched recently

Google History is a free service offered by Google where you can have a list of your recent searches on Google. Many of us may not have known of this Google service. It seems like Google didn’t have too much buzz about the Google History. Anyway, the Google History has some usefulness as follows:

Google History helps keep track of your recent searches on Google which you might have forgotten. For example, some useful websites you forgot to bookmark and you actually found it by googling but you’d forgotten what keywords or how you managed to search it out on Google. So you can take a look at your Google History to have a clue how you got it before.

The Google history just needs you to sign in with an account e.g an GMail account, so you will get a list of your recent searches. So as shown in the screen above, it shows you a list of your recent searches, and you can simply click on the links brought up by the search results, so it saves you lots of time to query and search again.

You can even further search or filter within your search history for certain keywords. There is a calendar on the right hand side that allows you to easily select a day to view the search history on that day.

But remember, don’t use to Google History while you’re on a shared computer. If you do you must remember to sign out. Or else someone who come and use the computer will know your search history if you forgot to sign out and know what websites that you’ve been to.

Try out yourself Google History

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