How to add SQLite framework into Xcode 4 for your iOS app

I’ve recently started some development of some iOS apps. And I wanted to build a small app that makes use of SQLite to store some data and I use Xcode 4 instead of Xcode 3.x as my IDE for developing my iOS apps. If you google around looking for how to use sqlite for your iOS app, you’ll get lots of solutions on the Xcode 3.x telling you to have to add the SQLite Framework by right clicking on the Frameworks under your project then “Add Existing Frameworks”.

Unfortunately, the above-said Xcode 3 way of doing it is no more available on Xcode 4. On Xcode 4, you’ll have to do the followings:

1. Click on your project name in your left pane of Xcode 4. You’ll be shown with the above screen.

2. Then click on “Build Phases”, then get down to “Link Binary With Libraries”, and click the + button and add your SQlite framework (libsqlite3.0.dylib) as shown in the next screen. Voila, then you’re good to go to compile some code using SQLite functions.

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