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Use Google History to keep track of what you’ve searched recently

Google History is a free service offered by Google where you can have a list of your recent searches on Google. Many of us may not have known of this Google service. It seems like Google didn’t have too much buzz about the Google History. Anyway, the Google History has some usefulness as follows:

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ZooTool – visual bookmarking tool by MooTool(s)

ZooTool is an interactive and beautiful visual bookmark tool for images, links, videos and documents. The ZooTool was developed based on the MooTools by Bastian Allgeier.

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Twitter Location API to support name of places

The Twitter Location API used to tell only latitude and longitude of the location where a person is tweeting from. But now the Twitter Location API is to be extended with the support of name of places or locations, such as “Joe’s Bar on Manhattan” or “downtown LA.”.

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How to develop desktop-like web applications ?

Uki is a JavaScript library that allows you to develop web applications to have the look and feel and interactiveness of a desktop application. You can get Uki from

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Facebook have tons of photos uploaded by the members and the friends everyday. So there are lots of photos scattered around and many of them are NOT tagged and linked to the members themselves. Lets say, your friend has uploaded one photo that has you in it, but it’s not properly tagged, so the photo will not appear in your profile or you’re totally unaware of that it exists in Facebook.

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Developing Facebook applications makes you rich

It was reported by SmartMedia, that some Indie developers managed to pull in USD $700,000 in ads revenue in the month of December last year from the Facebook applications that was developed by them.

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Cloud computing or the cloud is the next platform for web app development

The cloud is the next applications platform, which adopts the concept of “software as a service”. Meaning a company would not have to maintain server hardware and man power cost such as developers, system administrators and DBAs etc. An application is to outsource certain components, software and backend services to other companies that provide them as online services.

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JotForm – an online web form builder

Somehow it’s kind of time consuming to create a web form. Of course, if you’re pretty familiar with HTML coding like me, it wouldn’t be a problem. Just start typing those HTML tags <table></table><form></form><input type=…/><select>, adding some JavaScript codes and CSS to blend it up nice with verification and themes, shall do.

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Ask Alexia – the ajax search engine

I’ve developed great passion in developing applications in ajax since it was introduced a couple of years ago. And of course over the Internet now, they’ve been tons of ajax-based applications. And the only ajax app that I’ve got online is my own-developed Ask Alexia search engine

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