CHEN Bluetooth smart padlock secures luggages for travellers and help avoid excessive baggage charges

The CHEN Bluetooth smart padlock is what the modern travellers need today, which help secure your luggages as well as weighing them to help you avoid excessive baggage charges.

Microsoft's new controllers should help expand VR

The emergence of virtual reality is already starting to change the gaming industry. We have yet to see any kind of mass migration away from typical consoles and toward VR headsets, but some believe such a migration is coming. Even now VR seems to be growing in popularity by the day. That said, itís also proving to be more effective in some genres than others, largely because of the tricky demands of motion tracking.

Smartphones with batteries that fully charge in 5 minutes could come next year

Surely these days most of us can't have our smartphones to last up till the end of the day without having to recharge it in between. But recharging your phone simply takes too long and needs at least one hour or more. Well, this could be different when the quick charging technology by an Israeli start-up StoreDot, which is claimed to be able to fully charge your smartphones in only 5 minutes and would be available next year.

Get the Light Phone, if you're tired with your smartphone!

Have you ever counted how much time you spend per day for gossiping on various chatting & social apps, playing games or snapping photos & videos on your smartphones? Playing too much with your smartphones could ruin your day such as you'd end up with a day of having accomplished zero task that you've planed. And it'll probably even make your eyes so tired and eventually you'd probably love the idea having a phone that does nothing but only for making ore receiving calls.

Sony Xperia XA1, a powerful camera phone gets released in Canada

The Sony Xperia XA1 is an Android 7.0 smartphone which made its debut in the February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and now is available for purchase in Canada for a price around $235 USD. Videotron is selling the smartphone in Canada in two color options, a black and a white. There is also a Sony XB550ap headset, which is worth $80, to give away as promotional offer by the carrier.

GE the C lamp brings modern LED lighting to your living space with Amazon Alexa voice commands

Here comes a pretty cool LED table lamp, called the C, which promises to bring better and simpler lighting experience to your living space. The C lamp has just been unveiled by its maker, GE. What is interesting about it is it pairs with the Amazon Alexa voice commands to let you operate the lamp with your voices only.

Foldable Camping Stove - for campers who want easy and hot meals on the run

Going camping but having to bring big and heavy gears for heating up your foods or other heating purposes is definitely the most tiring choice. Well, here is a little smart gear, the Foldable Camping Stove, which will definitely make your camping life much easier. The little stove is small enough to fit on the palm of your hand and what is fantastic about it is it really does heat things up.

HTC U 11 could be another phone that drops the headphone jack

The iPhone 7 is the first smartphone in the market, having dropped its headphone jack. Personally, I think it's not so good as you'll have fewer choices of headphones when the original pair has stopped working. But in terms of a better design of the phone itself or better listening experience ,then dropping headphone jack will be a better choice for the phone makers.

For the adventurous: FlameStower Fire Charger lets you charge your smartphone with camp fire

fire charger 1
The adventurous who love camping in the wild, will love to have this handy charger - the FlameStower Fire Charger. The charger simply needs a heat source to get your devices charged up.

Toyota Prius updated with Prime Plug-In Hybrid and capabilities going up to 22 miles in electric-only mode

Toyota, the car manufacturer which has gained lots of household recognitions for its hybrid series, has updated its Prius with a new variant called the Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid.

Get a professional gel look nails from home - what you need is just this Maxi Gel Manicure Kit

nail polish 1
For ladies who have no time to visit the nail saloon, well, there is a little gadget out there which you can transform your nails into professional gel look ones. Besides saving your time for having to be caught up in the traffic jam, and you'll definitely save your expenses for long run spending on manicure treatments.

Sony Future Lab Projector turns any surface into touch display

The SXSW event held in Austin, Texas has many tech giants to showcase their futuristic products. One of them is Sony. Sony has demonstrated a new prototype projector at the SXSW, which comes with capabilities to turn any flat surface into a touch-sensitive display.

Heated Shiatsu Head and Neck massager to relieve your pains caused by sitting long hours

Most office workers have long hours sitting in front the computer. For sure, the negative impacts will be making your back, head, neck and shoulder stiff. In long run this could cause other sicknesses such as consistent back pains and high blood pressure. One way to avoid causing stiffness of your neck and shoulder is taking a break every hour and have some stretching exercise.

Brain Plus IQ - Viagra for the brain, smart & rich people actually dependent on this!

Sometimes, you'll be wondering how the smart and rich can be so calm, tolerating and handling well with the stress from their businesses and in their lives. Most of them are just normal human beings, they'd probably not be able to handle stress better than you and me do. Look at those making billions of dollars, some ups and downs could most likely trigger spikes of stress and heart attacks. So, what's the catch?

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus (rumored) to feature 3D Force Touch

forcetouch iphone 6s
Force Touch is the new technology that has been introduced on the Apple Watch and the MacBook trackpad. Although the first smartphone that's been announced featuring Force Touch belongs to the Huawwei Mate S but it doesn't bring too much interesting usage with the Force Touch.

Huawei beats Apple to announce the first Force Touch smartphone - Mate S

huawei-mate-s force touch
What's Force Touch? It's a new technology that's been introduced by Apple on its Apple Watch, which allows different pressures to be applied to the watch's interface for different controls. Apple has yet brought this new feature to the iPhone yet. And it's been rumored that the Force Touch would be the biggest feature of the upcoming iPhone 6S.

iOS 9 Content blocking will be a nightmare to Website owners

safari-on-ios9Most website owners and bloggers depend on banner advertisements as one of their revenue streams. Banner ads come in a variety of styles, which fit well with websites that come with a mobile version. The iOS & Safari has been contributing quite a high percentage of bringing traffic and ad incomes to the mobile sites. The latest report shows that iOS is the major revenue contributor although it brings less traffic than the Android counterpart. But this will no longer be true when iOS 9 arrives on the iOS devices.

Nextbit Robin Cloud smartphone gets unlimited storage

robin 1
Lazy smartphone users surely seldom manage the storage on their devices, they'll never bother to clean up some unwanted apps, photos, videos etc. Thus, they'll always get the frustration of running out of space on their smartphones; making it a hassle having to carry additional external storage devices or buying memory cards with high storage capacities.

Indestructible USB flash drive : Nayano Outrider

USB outrider drive
Is USB flash drive still your on-the-go data carrier or storage? If so, you'll need one that's durable and super rugged enough that can withstand all the harshes that you've been through. Nayano has created a super rugged USB flash drive, known as Nayano Outrider, which is made from metal that makes it durable and rugged. And it's being marketed as the "Ultimate USB flash drive".

OnArrival app lets you organize your events right on your iOS devices

Meet the OnArrival, an iOS app which is great for frequent event organizers or planners. It's such an amazing invention for event organizers which allows you to organize your events & attendees right on your iPhones or iPads.